*Looking For Models

Our *LOOKING FOR MODELS campaign is a nod to clichés, and a celebration of humble beginnings.  

For our introductory collection we wanted to paint a picture of minimalism and expose it’s benefits. Often times we feel as if we haven’t been given enough to pursue our goals. On the contrary, having less challenges your will. Your creativity, your circumstance, your passion, your pain. Channel those entities and create. 

Fashion and models go hand in hand. We’ve all seen model calls from new brands on social media platforms. We’ve decided to take this phrase and make it güd. While we are in fact looking for models, for this collection we’ll use what’s been given. Thank you. [God]

Four pieces. No models. Enjoy.

Renzo Scorsaizé 


F/W ’18

*For serious modeling inquires email goodppl.ase@gmail.com